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Purchase Counseling: Installations & More

Purchase Counseling

We obtain quotes for industry standard products, looking for the best deal on quality equipment for you. Once we have received your approval on a quote, we will place the order and track the shipment for you.


When we submit a project proposal, we will have spent substantial time learning about your business and researching the solution before delivering it to you.  Each business has its own unique requirements that a “cookie cutter” approach cannot accommodate.  Our product is our experience and expertise.

Project Management

When a new project is in mind, we discuss your company’s needs with you, then recommend solutions and give estimates. Once you approve an estimate, we proceed with the project, and keep you updated regularly on our progress. Should any unforseen issues pop up, we will get your approval before proceeding further. Our clients are charged only for the hours spent actually working on the project. We are also highly trained in “change management” and can assist you in easing the transition to new systems and minimize employee resistance to change.

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