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Networking: Reliable & Trusted

Anyone can download and install Windows on your server.  The BNI staff is trained to use corporate methodologies and standards that are recognized in the industry as “best practices”.  This ensures a smooth-running network and easy administration.  This means your network configuration will be completely documented.  Our philosophy is that your network is a business asset that should not be dependent on consultants.

  • Installing and supporting Novell NetWare and Windows NT/2000/2003 & Linux networks

  • Designing and implementing remote access solutions using Terminal Server

  • Installing wireless networks

Proactive Support:

For tighter security and maximum UP time of your computer systems, sign up for our proactive support package which includes all the following services:

  • Servers: Monthly check-up to identify potential problems before they impact network availability

  • PCs: Monthly check-up to ensure proper updates are applied and systems remain virus free

  • Remote Equipment Monitoring: 24 x 7 monitoring of critical devices to maximize availability and avoid downtime

  • Internet Usage: Logging to help track Internet use or abuse and to identify potential attacks from external sources

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